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The holidays can be a really stressful time of year when they really should be so much fun! If we could enjoy the holidays the way children do, every holiday season would be what it's supposed to be...FUN!


Kathy Roberts (The Tidy Tudor) and I are going to help you make the preparations as much fun as the celebration itself. After all if the journey isn’t fun, usually the destination won’t be either!

When you think about it...the events we spend weeks and even months preparing for are over in a flash so why not make all that leads up to them all a part of the celebration so that your efforts will feel well worth it.

Which sounds better to you; getting ready for the holidays or getting steady for the holidays? Some of the synonyms for steady are: stable, sturdy, balanced and secure. If we can go into the holiday season stable, sturdy and balanced we can be secure that the holidays are going to be fun, and that intention is going to show up throughout the season. In other words you have to put yourself first and make sure you get enough rest, water, good food and exercise. 

During this time of year it’s not the time to care about your crammed clothes closets, the basement, the storage area, under the fridge or the bulging linen closet.

What do we want this time of year? A clean kitchen, a cozy living area, a welcoming dining room (if we have one), a clean bathroom and comfy bedrooms to wake up in.

We have a plan that will not only help you get what is important done without having to pay for it later with a tired body, a stressed mind and a family that's a little afraid of you, it will also keep you in the right direction when it comes to your attitude. You can start right now with an attitude of expecting this fabulous time of year to be just that from now until the New Year! Then plan to get in on our webinar on October 26th, just 4 weeks from Thanksgiving and only 8 weeks and 3 days till Christmas!

Sign up now by clicking on the happy owner of a beautiful, fresh Christmas tree and get that date on your calendar. DSC_7377.jpg



With Lots of Love,

Pam & Kathy    

P.S. In addition to the webinar, you'll receive a free gift from me. After the webinar you'll be able to download Pam & Peggy's Home for the Holidays presentation for free. 





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