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You've probably heard the cliche, "get off your high horse." We all know someone who's on one and they're not that fun to be around. IMG_0945.jpgBut if someone can be on a high horse, then being on a low one is certainly possible! Being around a person on a low horse isn't fun either. In my career helping SHEs get organized, I've never had to suggest getting off a "high horse" but much of my help has come from getting a person off her "low horse." Being on a "low horse" is that feeling you're not good enough. Feeling that way can come from thinking you've failed at something and especially when it comes from the subject of being organized.

How many times have you made "get organized" be your New Year's Resolution? When it comes to getting organized, it’s such a juicy project complete with visions of peace, joy, beauty and order in your home.

But if you’re not careful, the thrill of the thought of victory can end in the agony of feeling defeated. It’s hard being human, but it’s even harder when you beat yourself up because you're disorganized and didn’t achieve what you set out to accomplish because of it. 

Getting organized just enough to please you is so simple, but being a creative, you can blow the whole project up like it’s a major motion picture.

Because you are creative, there’s nothing you love more than a new project, except for maybe breakfast, lunch and dinner! You get so excited and enthusiastic as you dive into a new mission with astonishing glee. But like the poem you learned when you were a kid, “First came love, then came marriage, then came pushing a baby carriage,” projects have a honeymoon period and then the reality of the situation kicks in and the work can be a drag if you're not careful.

Time to pull out those 3x5s

Beginnings are so spiritual because they start with an idea which is totally spiritual (you can't see an idea, touch it, hear it, taste it or smell it). Results from an idea that's turned into physical form take "action" and as creative people we tend to love the idea phase. That’s why we need a system in place to help us push that baby in the carriage into an adult that leaves your home happy, healthy, skilled to run his/her own home and family and filled with wonderful memories. What a project we moms have set before us!

Because you are creative, you are spontaneous, lighthearted, optimistic and beloved. (The first letter of each of those words spells SLOB! If you’ve ever been accused of being one consider it a compliment! You have so much to share with your family, your community, your country and the world!) Being a creative human being it's important to be able to bring those brilliant dreams of yours into physical reality and 3x5 cards are a wonderful tool for that! That's because they're like baby steps that give you just enough direction to make you willing to follow. 

                                       Know Thyself

If you’re over 21, you know how easily you get sidetracked. Creative people get sidetracked more than the non creative ones, because of the creative mind! For example, sewing in one sleeve on a dress or blouse will keep your attention, but with the second sleeve, your mind will come up with something else to do. As a creative, if you’re not careful, when your mind comes anywhere near the boring part of a project, it’ll conjure up something more exciting to do, like eat pie or go to the zoo.

When it comes to household chores, there are some jobs that are just boring from the start, like doing dishes, dusting, making the bed, vacuuming, and on-and-on. That’s why it’s so important to elicit that fabulous creative mind of yours to find ways to stick with the boring stuff and get it done as quickly as you can so you can get on with what you love to do, like play. Another option is to get help.

If you’re not good at getting help, get over it! There are people out there dying to help you in exchange for money or a service you can provide for them. Make a list of the household tasks you don’t want to do and get that creative genius of yours busy finding someone to do them.

Mondays carry with them the feeling of fresh starts and putting the nonsense from yesterday away. Part of the nonsense is being unkind to yourself. Start fresh, right now, and be easy on yourself. Chill! Everything will work out, whether you’re organized or not. It’s just easier when you are a little organized.

Start with a 3x5 card that says:

I love you, be kind to what I made.

Love, God. 

Put it where you’ll see it every day. 


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