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If you’re all twirled up in Christmas preparations, it wouldn’t hurt to stop, sit down for a breath and get your perspective back on what’s really important right now. The place where you live is exclusive to you, whether it’s on a ranch in Wyoming, an apartment in NY, a mansion in California or a room in someone else’s home, it’s your space on the planet and it’s precious.


While visiting Kathy Roberts (the Tidy Tutor) in New Jersey, her sister Maria showed us a video of her grandsons (ages five and three) setting up housekeeping in a little "kiddy" tent in the backyard. While watching them, I remembered the joy of having my own house when my first husband and I married! I remembered the fun of collecting my own appliances, cooking and baking untensils, dishes and such. We were married on November 29 and so I got to decorate my first Christmas tree and I remembered how special it seemed.

Enjoy this adorable video and note how loving the mother (Renee) is to her sons and how they reflect that love back to her. It’s easy to see that these boys will grow up to be lovely men when they really do get to move out and start homes of their own. I hope the video helps you remember your first home. Just let your mind go to that time in your life and bring that wonderful feeling back to right now.


Bless your home as you decorate it. Thank it for providing safety, warmth and comfort for you and your family. Here's another blog I wrote about getting the feeling. Just click on the photo Terry took of this hawk and he'll take you there.

hawk on the run.jpg


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Bless you and bless your home during this holy season.



P.S. I’d like to thank Renee for allowing us to share this video with all of you!

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