Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise

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40 years ago Peggy and I were miserable slobs but we developed a get organized system on 3x5 cards that not only helped us find direction in the chaos, it helped millions get their homes organized. Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise is now available on Kindle.

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Did you notice on the cover my name was Pam Brace? Once I got organized I got my power back. I was no longer willing to take any criticism from a very angry husband. My motive was to get organized so I'd have more free time to play and have fun. I got organized, the house got organized but the criticism didn't stop. At that point I realized that I didn't get organized to please someone else, but to please me. Then I was free to ignore the criticism and be happy in spite of an unhappy husband.

A year after I got organized, I was divorced and discovered it had taken a lot of energy to ignore the negative partner, but much of that energy used caused me to grow spiritually. We were meant to have fun in this life. Well being is the natural order and whenever we don't feel that well being, it's only because we've cut off the source of it by getting upset. Learning not to get upset just because someone else is, is a huge and valuable lesson that takes energy! Once you learn a lesson through practice it gets easier and easier. My ex husband was a great teacher and I'm so grateful for what I learned by being married to him.

Here's a recent video of one of my appearances on a popular, Portland talk show. This time I shared some memories of my sister and me on our book tour. Just click on the photo of us way back then.The two of us - Copy.jpg

















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