Mom! Smooth Out the Emotional Roller Coaster


We all have emotional ups and downs, especially if we have young children. This might help.

Dear Pam,
The House Fairy has been making inspections in our home for over a year now! I don’t know if our family is representative of a typical SHE household??? I’m the SHE and my DH is a BO so our home has been organized about like a roller coaster ride. The high times being when company is coming and we do all the list kind of extra things we wouldn’t ordinarily notice if it were just us. Then we have the occasional slide down because of too much to do in too little time and finally we coast along rather smoothly. What I’ve come to realize because of you and Flylady is the roller coaster has kind of ironed out into this nice even ride (although it still is zooming by).
My DH really loves the House Fairy! He is the one who insisted we buy it and he took the time to print everything for down the road inspections and those 3x5 cards for the kids have been like magic! The House Fairy comes now about once a month and the kids have such good habits I rarely have to remind them to do anything in their rooms. Thank you!
Esther S.


Pam here:

Because the House Fairy has been around now for several years I get letters from moms like Esther who have been using the House Fairy tools for quite a long period of time. The House Fairy Program took me more than a year to develop and it contains more than 60 videos of the House Fairy house-fairy-imagine teaching children basic tasks along with fabulous tools you print out like the 3x5 Cards for Kids, the Good Behavior Ticket Program, Letters from the House Fairy, a Chore Chart and much more that you print out. Oh, and there are House Fairy Songs for children (MP3) and I’ve heard from many moms saying their kids have learned them and sing them.

You'll know right away if your children will do what the House Fairy says by clicking on the Two Minute Test below.

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