Spark up Your Romance (Part II)

6 Romantic Ways to Spark up Your Marriage (Part II)Pam_Young

To me romance is all about creating magical moments in your relationship that will take little time out of your busy schedule. Stop thinking you’re too busy for romance. Remember you chose to spend your life with your husband, so enjoy him.


Here are 6 more ideas I’ve collected from some very happy couples as well as some tried and true ideas from yours truly. (Please note: I’m on my second marriage.)

1     Crockpot sex

I use my crockpot a lot in February letting it’s savory scents waft throughout the house. The aroma goes straight to a primitive part of my husband’s crock_potbrain that tells him all is well. Remember that old saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? I’ve found it’s true and the kitchen has proven to be a very romantic room to most men. (Not that they want to “do it” in that room necessarily, but they appreciate good cooking.)

2    Be selfish

This year my New Year’s Resolution was to be more selfish. Enlightened selfish. That might not sound romantic, but I hope you’ll see the logic in it. By taking care of myself, which for me is playing, writing, singing, walking, reading and napping more, I’m happy. I even have my “go to” clothes that happy_couplemake me happy (thank God for elastic waistbands sympathetic to my indulgences in the name of holiday cheer). All the couples I interviewed shared my thought that when we are happy our husbands are happy and happy couples are more romantic than unhappy ones.

3    Compliments are magic

Take the time to tell your husband that he looks wonderful, sexy or great when he does. We all have doubts about our looks and hearing that we are attractive to our mates is a very important part of creating a romantic relationship. You know the old saying, “If you want a compliment, give a complimentcompliment.”

In a marriage we end up seeing our mates at their worst and their best. That’s why it’s also important to dress up and go out once in a while, but if you don’t plan for it you won’t do it.


4     Build a fire

There is something very romantic about a fire especially in the winter. February in the Pacific Northwest is as cold and gray as an old lady on ice. Our home sits on a hill about 800 feet high and we often get stuck up here in February when the roads freeze over. It’s very cozy (and romantic) cozy_firewatching the storms rage through the Lewis River Valley from the mountains east of us. I like to pretend our house is a mountain lodge and when Terry builds a crackling fire on those especially drizzly days, that’s romantic.

 5   Three little words

Before you leave each other in the morning, connect with eye-to-eye contact and tell him you love him. Never leave the house without acknowledging your husband or saying, "I love you."

 6   Music

 Music changes moods like magic. Use music in your home to create romance. I love the channel that plays love songs. I often do my housework musicsinging love songs with my favorite singers.


Taking just a little bit of time to plan and be creative with the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with will do so much for your marriage. And one more thing: let him know what turns you on. Chances are he doesn’t. I love it when Terry opens a door for me, hugs me from behind, gives me his coat when were out and I get cold, holds my hand, rubs my feet when we watch movies at home, but unless I’d told him, he’d never do those things.

 Thank you for reading my blog. Please share it, if you think it might help a couple that needs a little spark and be sure to read Part I with six more ideas.   

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