Folding sheets is so 1990!  Save Time in 2018!



A BO (Born Organized) could never do what's in this video. It would drive her crazy.


But we lucky SHEs (Sidetracked Home Executives) have no problem doing this.  

Women are notorious for neglecting self-care in lieu of caring for others and when asked if they are selfish about taking care of themselves, most cringe and say, “no.” The cringe comes from guilt knowing they should have free time for themselves. There are two parts to this: one is you need to know what you’re going to do when you take time out (I'll go into that another day) and two you need to make time for the time outs. Here's just one way to make time. Watch the video and then give it a try. It's actually fun!! And it'll save time you could use to play.


Stuffing sheets instead of folding them is just one of the JOYS of being disorganized! 

joy_of_being_disorganized.jpgMy book, The JOY of Being Disorganized is chock full of ideas,hints, tips and advice on how to be happy and get organized just enough to please you.



Enjoy peace of mind right now. 




P.S. Here's a blog I wrote about saving time exercising by doing it in bed before you even get up .

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