Sugar-free Easter hors d'oeuvres


If you're concerned about your sugar intake, this is an especially hard time for us. If we're going to stay off the sugar, we've got to just ignore those carb-loaded, chocolate-filled Easter goodies glaring at us from every woman's magazine cover and store shelf, because they'll just tempt us into buying a bunch of sugar and then we'll eat it! (If we don't buy it we can't eat it.)

With the big sugar push on, I got the idea to think up some sugar-free Easter treats and that idea turned into an Eastery way to serve real food. With a few wooden skewers and clay pots, you can get the whole family involved in making festive, affordable, Easter creations for the dinner table or for some festive hors d'oeuvres, that are so easy and fun to make.

Be sure to watch this video and let me show you what I did.




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