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If you'll look closely, you'll see a woman with outstretched arms, greeting her morning with profound gratitude. Either that or the police are out of the shot with guns and a megaphone saying, "Arms up! You're under arrest."

Terry took this photo when we were on vacation in Cancun and it perfectly illustrates how I feel this morning (and felt all day yesterday) as your sincere well wishes for my birthday and Mother's Day poured my way. 

There really is no way I can thank you individually! At first I thought I could, but then as your sentiments, e-cards and photos continued to almost avalanche in, I realized it would be impossible. So I just spent much of my birthday and Mother's Day luxuriating in your love!

What joy you all have! You all are so caring, funny, appreciative, creative and brilliant! I've never met most of you face-to-face, but I feel as though I know you and I'm very thankful for your friendship. That thought was written to me over-and-over again! I think in some mysterious way we do know each other! We don't have to meet physically to know we are sisters and friends.

Thank you for taking your time to write to me, Nelly and the House Fairy. I need you to know I read every single message and am still reading them this morning. It feels so good to know you are there. I'll be on a mystical cloud as I continue to feel the magic of your love. THANK YOU!    

Here's a blog I wrote about gratitude a while ago, although most of you have this part of life mastered. 



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