Let Kids Make Your Holiday Tablecloth

Sometimes things can get a little hectic during the holidays, especially if the gathering is at your house.




Here's a great idea using children's imaginations to keep them busy for an hour or so before the feast is served. AND you'll end up with a festive holiday tablecloth that'll end up a valued keepsake.

All you need is a twin-size, flat, white sheet, some butcher paper (or newspapers) and marker pens. Then sit back and  watch what happens when you let your little artists take over.

Video is 1:32 in length.



With Christmas just around the corner....and you know how the next weeks will fly by....I want to take away all the stress that comes with gift-giving.

Here are some great gift-giving ideas that'll save you tons of time. (Can you see a $20 bill disguised in this picture?)

Click here to see the entire Stick It Right On The Money Gift-giving Kit




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