The Cleaner Guy Makes Toxic-Free Furniture Polish

as_seen_on.jpgToday the Cleaner Guy shows how to make safe, toxic-free furniture polish. Since he made it for this video, I've used nothing else, because it really works. Good-bye Pledge!

jeff cleaner.jpgOne note: I wanted a container that would squirt out just a little bit, so I got the bright idea to use a ketchup holder, not thinking that someone might think it was ketchup and squirt it on his french fries. That wouldn't really be dangerous because this furniture polish is not poisonous. I don't think it would taste very good though.




Next week The Cleaner Guy will show you how to clean zone one in your home.jeff cleaner.jpg





P.S. As you may know, I don't sell cleaning products and I don't recommend products...until NOW. With the introduction to The Cleaner Guy, I just have to tell you about the Shark vacuum because it is crazy amazing. (SHARK isn't paying me to tell you this by the way.)

The creators of this little sucker took EVERY grievance I've ever had with a vacuum cleaner and eliminated the problems! They ended up with the best upright vacuum cleaner I've EVER used and it's very reasonable! And there are NO BAGS!! And, you get to see through the clear receptacle and marvel at all the crap you sucked up. I've had my SHARK for four years and it's as healthy as ever. In these how to clean videos, you'll see my Shark. If you use this link to buy a Shark on Amazon, I'll get some kind of kick back (or so they say) and that'd be real nice!





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