The Grass is Always ... ... ...

The grass in the foreground of this photo is our grass and you can see our neighbors' grass is not greener, ours is. That's because our neighbors have been mowing their lawns and we haven't.

grass greener

This isn’t a blog about envy or coveting your neighbor’s crap (I meant to write crop, but crap made me laugh so I left it in) but let’s go there for a few paragraphs because I can tie the proverb to our desire to be organized, and then I’ll share what I’ve learned this month about what the grass is always doing besides being greener someplace else.

When I was a slob, I definitely envied organized people. Those specific people I knew are not in my life anymore: my mom, several of my neighbors, my minister’s wife, my husband’s boss’s wife, my husband and of course Martha Stewart was constantly barking around every corner, luring me into hundreds of creative messes and nudging me to have, do and be all.

With three small children, a very cranky spouse and an acute case of ADD, the grass in my life was out of control, and the human nature in me, that insisted that I was human, gave me eyes that looked at other people’s grass and saw putting greens at the country club.

It wasn’t until this day 44 years (June 16, 1977) ago that, with the help of my little sister, I quit looking at other people’s grass and realized there was a way to take care of mine and in a way Martha Steward could never have thought of. My sister and I saved our lives with three by fives.

Being successful at becoming organized takes three things: 1. A decision to do it. 2. A commitment for the right reason. 3. A plan to give direction. With our plan, the system on 3x5 cards, we quit comparing ourselves to anyone. We decided to compare ourselves each day to the self we were the day before. Our grass got greener and greener.

Okay, I'm done comparing grass to getting organized. Here's the real reason for my message today. The Grass is Always Growing. 

The Grass is Always Growing  

Yeah, so what? Well, the grass in our yard got my attention 20 days ago when a belt in our ride-on mower shot off and the blades quit going around. The place in Woodland that sold us the mower, no longer has a mechanic so we called a guy who used to fix our mowers over the years and is now semi-retired. If you want the definition of semi-retired from this guy, it means RETIRED! 


Maf and grassHere it is June 16, 2021 and our grass is as high as our Labradoodle's eye. (Actually higher.) Can you see Maggie hidden in the picture?

So this blog is really about what happens when you put things off, ie procrastinate.  On the anniversary of Sidetracked Home Executives, if you want to be more organized, decide to start today, with the right reason and with a plan that was thought up by two sidetrackers who were freed from the depressing results of being disorganized. If we could do it, you can do it too! Join me today and next year we can celebrate your success together.

Purchase the de-junking video and 3x5 card file system and I'll give you the Sidetracked Home Executive e-book free, when we see your order come through.

 Slob Sisters De-junking Video  and 3x5 Cardfile System

Now I'm going to call that semi-retired guy and see what his plan is!













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