The Most Important Sentence You'll Ever Finish

If you’re disorganized, here's the most important Pam_Youngsentence to complete.


I want to be organized so_____________________. Fill in the blank.

The right reason will supply the juice you’ll need to stay with the project throughout a year’s worth of different situations, like back to school, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, new babies, Christmas, deaths, a new pet, a move and such. When you get the right reason, it will be like having a stick of gum that never loses its flavor and you’ll not lose sight of your original intention.

Actually, the only reason we want to do anything, have anything or be anything (like organized) is that in the having, doing or being it, will make us feel better. Recently, I asked a group of SHEs to finish that very question I’ve given you and here are some of their wonderful conclusions. I hope they inspire you to get in touch with what you want and why you want it. FYI: I wanted to get organized so I'd have more free time to play. (This photo is of kids picking up pennies in the street while the fire department sprays a mist over them. They had so much fun!)rainbow kid

As you read the finisher’s finishes get the feeling that’s behind the desire. You’ll find these comments will cause you to take big breaths as you feel your reason coming to the surface.

So that I can enjoy life without chaos.

So that I can have peace of mind about having friends stop by unannounced, having family or friends stay the weekend, enjoy having game night with our small group from church without a lot of planning...yeah, just peace of mind.   

So I don't waste so much time looking for things.

So I can have people over on short notice without stressing about it.

So my kids can learn these skills BEFORE they have their own homes.

So I have a peaceful, orderly environment to enjoy.

So that I have peace about people coming over at any time and also more time to do the things I like to do.

So that if there is an emergency evacuation, I haven’t left the house wishing I knew where everything was and whether or not I grabbed what we needed. 

So my outer peace can influence my inner peace...I'm much calmer when my environment is in order

So my kids don’t grow up the same way I did. We never had friends over.

So that the little unexpected messes and ups and downs of everyday life don't push me over the edge of coping, I can be a better person instead of losing my cool all the time.

So that when I have the opportunity to go do something fun, I can go without feeling guilty that I should be at home catching up on housework.

So I’m not embarrassed about my house and so I can enjoy it more. I learned after we remodeled our kitchen that after getting rid of about half of the items in it it’s easily kept clean and is now the cleanest and most clutter free room in the house.

So that I am free to organize my thoughts. I'm very much a work in progress but I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So I don't feel constantly overwhelmed and I can focus on my marriage more than I focus on my business and my home.

So I can hit the snooze more often.

So I can walk across my bedroom at 3am without risking my life. So I want to stop losing my glasses, my remote and my jewelry. And I want to take a photo for FB and not have to search for the right angle, the one that doesn’t show clutter in the background.

So I don’t end up raising my children in a trash heap like my mom did.

Think about those life-changing decisions you’ve made that have brought you joy. Behind every successful change you’ve made there’ll be a reason that worked for you. 

new cover of SHE book

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