The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here!


My mouth gets me into more trouble than any other hole in my body. Sometimes it’s because of what comes out of it, but mostly it’s been because of what goes in. That’s why the title to one of my books is “The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here!”

"Unless you’re hooked up to an intravenous feeding contraption that continues to pump too much food into your system, the size of your body is entirely due to your mouth’s ability to open and let the food that has made you weigh more than you like, to come in and “accumulate.”  (Except from The Mouth Trap.)

You could rationalize that your size is due to genetics, but in the end, your ancestors are hardly to blame for your mouth opening. You can argue that your condition is due to your age and whine that the older you get, the harder it is to lose, but it’s no harder to open and close your mouth now than it was when you were eighteen or thirty. You can blame your problem on stress, or not enough money or too little time or the fast food industry, or, or, or...  The bottom line is… you are either in control of your mouth or you aren’t. You are the one who opens it and if you’ve opened it to the wrong kinds of food (mainly sugars, starches and grains, yes grains), right now you have a fabulous opportunity to use this problem as a window to get to know the “opener” in a stunning way you never dreamt of before.   

I wrestled with whether I was qualified to write a book about eating. I can’t make any claims such as, “I lost 200 pounds on this weight-loss plan.” All I can say is that I lost 35 pounds in two years, gained ten back in six months, lost the ten in one year and have finally remained at my goal weight ever since, using the psychological tools I created and knowledge about the faulty science behind what we’ve been told is a healthy diet and what really is one. 


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We’ve been so brain-washed in our society to go for fast results that you are probably thinking, ‘35 pounds lost over three and a half years, what’s the big deal?’ It IS a big deal. I found out that losing weight slowly gives a person inner growing room. When you take the pressure off by eliminating a deadline, you’ll find the journey is much easier, more fun and the results will serve you the rest of your life. With my tools you will enjoy and appreciate each plateau you reach. Instead of embarking on a diet with the same urgency as induced labor, how would you like taking it easy this time and losing naturally, with the primary goal of getting to know more about you. The secondary goal is to lose no more than a pound a week and keep it off for life. You’ll find out why I didn’t keep the 35 pounds off and what happened after this book was finished (the first time). Something unexpected came into my life and changed it drastically forever. 

This book is for people whose lifestyles and circumstances have resulted in unwanted pounds over time and who have dieted in the past only to gain it all back and then some more. It’s also for those who have lost weight, because they have dieted and now want to maintain that desired weight.

So, here’s one of my psychological tools from the book. Your weight loss starts in the parking lot! Have a parking lot talk with yourself before you go into the store to buy groceries. Prepare yourself for whatever seasonal push to buy carbohydrates the food industry has in store for you. Right now, it’s Easter. If you don’t arm yourself by being alert, they’ll get you to buy chocolate in the name of celebrating Easter. 

The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here has many psychological tools for losing weight a new and revolutionary way, by getting in touch with your inner child, her never ending sweet tooth and her ability to sabotage your dietary intentions. Get to know her and you'll learn a lot about yourself!

Wouldn't it be great to be ten pounds lighter by August? 

Let's do it!





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