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Have you heard about the SHE (Sidetracked Home Executive) 3x5 get organized system for your home and life?


It certainly has had resurgence in popularity in the last few months! It’s an amazing 3x5 cardfile system and millions have successfully set it up including Flylady.  

If you set up the SHE system and it worked for you and your family, but then you quit using it, YOU’RE NORMAL! Nobody sticks to anything forever; it’s just not possible unless you’re a librarian.Things happen. Life happens. And by your very nature, you get sidetracked by those “happenings,” and life presses you on and pulls you in many directions.

Here’s a video clip of Flylady telling about how successful she was with the SHE get organized system when her child was young and then what happened.



Being organized is all about establishing routines and habits. The 3x5 index card is the perfect tool for direction and delegation and once the habit that's on a card is part of your routine, you can throw the card away. The system is so simple to set up and follow and you could be on top of running your household in no time. This is the perfect time to give it a try, because with the download of the cardfile system you also get the Slob Sister's De-junking Video!

 Slob Sisters De-junking Video  and 3x5 Cardfile System


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