Watch Your Mouth and You Will Lose Weight


Does your mouth get you into trouble more than any other hole in your body?


Your mouth is pretty important. You use it to communicate and it’s really your means for survival! No wonder it’s such an important hole! How do you manage yours on a scale of one to ten? There are two indicators of your successful use; the number of friends you have and the size of your body (and I don’t mean tall or short).


When I lost 35 pounds six years ago, I set up elaborate ways to reward my good behavior. I knew my inner child Nelly had (she still does), a sweet tooth and unless I kept her happy, I
would not succeed with my goal of losing the 35 pounds. In The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! I give the reader ways to play with her inner child in a fun-loving way to get the results she wants with losing weight and this blog is a great resource: 


You can’t get a person to do anything unless that person wants to do it and that includes yourself. How many times have you wanted to lose weight and then some part of you sabotaged that desire and you ate what you said you wouldn’t? If you’re like me, you’ve been on many diets and probably attended a few Weight Watcher meetings. But unless you commit to staying with a weight-loss program, you’ll gain it all back and then some.

I still dream about desserts and buffets loaded with delicious dishes high in carbohydrates.

The answer for me was to get to know myself better and deal with that part of me that can easily not care about circumstances at the time. That voice in me is very immature and entitled. Once I started recognizing her part in sabotaging my intentions, I was able to use my creativity to appease Nelly and make her mind.


I still dream about desserts and buffets loaded with delicious dishes high in carbohydrates and I figure they’re just Nelly dreams. I wake up so happy from eating the dream food and I think it’s funny that Nelly has resigned herself to enjoy those foods in a dream state and only in a dream state. 


Last night I dreamed I was at a dessert buffet. The table was about the size of a king-sized bed and in the center was a huge wedding cake about five feet high made of rich chocolate and frosted with fluffy chocolate frosting. I had a large plate and started choosing my treats as I circled the cake always keeping my eye on it.   I purposely left room for a piece as my plate began to fill with the goodies. There was a chef in white, slicing the cake like they do at a meat carving station at a buffet. I got to tell him what size I wanted and requested it to fit in the space I’d left for it. 


In my dream I ate everything on my plate and went back for more cake, because it was so delicious. I can’t say this was a completely delightful dream, because it was laced with guilt at what I was eating. Since I’ve been following a very strict low-carb lifestyle (no sugar, no flour, no starches) it’s occasionally hard for me to be the odd one at a birthday party or wedding reception who doesn’t get to have cake. Evidently Nelly was racking up some serious it’s-not-fair- time and let my dream world include this sugar fantasy feast. I have a dear friend who is an alcoholic and has been sober for 25 years and she told me she’s had similar dreams of drinking.


I like the line in Clement Moore’s T’was the Night before Christmas, “The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugar plums danced in their heads.” I’ve never had a sugar plum and wanted to know what one was, so I Googled, “what is a sugar plum?” and found out that it’s actually dried plum in a hard candy shell; probably something like an M & M only with a piece of a plum inside, instead of chocolate. Yuck! For sure I’ll never dream about one of those. 


Just for your information, did you know Clement Moore might NOT be the author of T’was the Night Before Christmas? That’s right! It seems several big deal scholars who have studied the life out of that poem, believe Henry Livingston Jr. actually wrote it 18 years earlier. I ended up spending about half an hour reading about “the mystery” of who really wrote it. I have to say, I think Moore ripped off Livingston. (Google is very dangerous for an easily sidetracked person, because I should have been through writing this blog an hour ago.)


Back to my idea:

Let visions of chocolate cake dance in your head any time! What could be more fun than to polish off a plate of desserts only to wake up and realize it’s not going to show on your butt! If you'd like to read more about losing weight and keeping it off, this blog will help.

Also, if you buy The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here! you'll follow my two-year plan of living a low-carb lifestyle.  Buy The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here!



P.S. When I write a blog, my intention is to have my reader reading along; enjoying her morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea and reading a line that tickles her and spitting whatever substance that’s in her mouth all over her cell phone. Then while she’s wiping up her mess, realizing she’s learned something practical to use in her daily life. If you’d like to be perked up regularly, please sign up for my blog. Thank you! Oh and please feel free to share this with your family and friends.



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