We Went from Pigpen to Paradise



You probably didn't know my sister and I had a dance career. Well okay, it was only for one day. After you watch this video you'll probably figure out why.

The name of my sister’s and my first book was called,

Sidetracked Home Executives: from Pigpen to Paradise.

After the book was released we were invited to have a half-hour television show on Christian Broadcasting. The show was called "Clean Up Your Act." The producer got the idea (when she heard the song I wrote, "From Pigpen to Paradise") to have that song be the open to the show. After the open was produced, the head honchos at Proctor and Gamble (our sponsor) didn’t like it and it was replaced by a different open. 


Have you ever spent time on a project and then it never worked out? The television show did work out and we got to do two seasons, but the video you're about to see is a perfect example of something that didn't fly. We saved the footage, even though it never aired on television. Now it's just funny and a little embarrassing. (My sister could have been a show girl with those legs, but at 5'2" my legs are not the kind that make it on stage. 




There is a take-away here. Make sure that you have fun with everything you do no matter how it turns out. At least the book did work out. Just click on the cover to get it. 




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