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Just Another Day in a Basic Week Plan

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Do you have a certain day each week that you take care of items on this list?

  • pay bills
  • answer mail
  • write thank you notes
  • make appointments
  • organize your office (filing paperwork etc.)
  • do bookwork
  • plan fun outings

How would you feel, if all those important elements of your life were organized on a weekly basis?

When you are organized, you're on top of everything from the boring stuff you tend to put off to the fun of not missing out on events that are on certain dates. How many times have you missed out, because you didn’t plan it?

Laptop Work-11.jpgOn my Planning Day, my husband and I coordinate calendars so we know about each other’s commitments, if they affect us. I spend from two to five hours on that list above. My Planning Day has developed into a very contemplative day.

For instance, when I pay my bills, I focus on how grateful I am to have the services and objects in my life that make it such a womanwritingthankyounotewonderful life. When I write my weeks’ worth of thank you notes, I think about each person I’m thanking and I visualize each one being happy and content. When I file paperwork, I am grateful for the organizing tools at our disposal that make it so easy to be organized. Being organized doesn’t cramp your spontaneity; it sets the stage for you to be even more creative.

When you claim a specific day of the week to plan, and then you stick to that regularly, you’ll begin to see that you can actually set aside tasks that fit into your weekly work schedule. In other words, you can have a pile of papers to file once a week if you’ll do it. You can add to a list of people to thank, if you’ll really do it once a week. It’s only when you don’t do what you’ve piled up for the week, that’ll you get into trouble.

21 Days to establish a habit

Once you get into the habit of having a specific day of each week for specific tasks, you’ll love the freedom it gives you. When you really follow a weekly plan, nothing will get too overwhelming. An important thing to remember is that it takes about 21 days to really establish a habit.

If for the next three weeks you use a specific day of your choice to plan, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll accomplish. It’s important to note, that just because you’ve designated a day like the one I’ve described, it doesn’t mean you can’t do some of those tasks on other days, if it’s convenient for you. As an example, I have a Ziploc quart-sized bag in my purse with Thank You notes in it, along with stamps. I’ve been able to write so many Thank You notes in those times while I’ve had to wait when I’m out.

Decide right now on a good day of the week to plan. Just do it. You can always change which day you have chosen, but if you don’t start somewhere, I know you, and you’ll never do it. I’ll be sharing the other days in my basic week plan.




P.S. No matter how disorganized you are, no matter how much CHAOS there is in your home, there is also JOY in being disorganized. You deserve to be happy. In my book, "The Joy of Being Disorganized"the_joy_of_being_disorganized I show you how to find peace and joy in the mess and how to get out of the mess on your own timetable. You are an amazing person who has so much to share with the world and that urge within you to get organized is Divine. You are meant to be organized just to please you. Just click on the cover to order.








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