Will Shriner Couldn't Believe what We Did on hisTV Show

as_seen_on.jpgEvery once in awhile I like to share with you some of the highlights my sister and I enjoyed over our career.

I think we were on just about every major program whether nationwide or on TV in the largest cities: Oprah, Donohue, Mike and Maty, The Home Show, Regis (17 times), and Geraldo (Ooh..do I have a story to tell about him at another time). The list goes on and on.

lt's so much fun to have an audience roaring in laughter. It's even more fun when the host doesn't know where we're going next.

This short video from the Will Shriner show is a perfect example. will_shriner.bmp

                                         I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments. I really do appreciate them.




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