You listen to what Flylady has to say!


Fifteen years ago tomorrow Marla Cilley, aka Flylady, had a major breakthrough on her path to becoming Flylady.

She told me about it and I want to share it with you. Watch what she has to say260211_10151723015151844_624983807_n


I love the simple yet profound message Flylady had to share.
When you establish a habit you’re free from having to think about it.

Hello Pam!

About 28 years ago your book Sidetracked Home Executives transformed my life. I followed the system in the book and, although I still get sidetracked, I have never had the problems that I had before. I thank God for that all the time and I know that he directed me to your book. I was wandering through the library, a discouraged, bedraggled young wife and mother. A few days earlier, in an emotional and frustrated prayer I begged God for help after having to tell my son's Sunday school teacher she could not come over to visit- my place was a wreck. I was heartbroken and felt alone, tired and hopeless. 

With two small children and a full-time job I went from day to day trying to keep up, and the weekends were full of laundry, dishes and nothing but a cluttered mess.

Within six weeks of being on your system my home and life was transformed!  

Of course I still get off track sometimes, and of course sometimes my house gets messy. But I have never again felt that overwhelming sense of frustration as I did before. I know how to get my house in order. I know what it takes. I know how to de clutter. And I know that because of you.

I just wanted to thank you! 





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