Young@Heart - A New Day!

New Year! New Day! New eyes! I love fresh starts filled with new resolve, but I don’t bust out on January 1 like a bucking bronco that’s just been let out of his shoot at a rodeo. New Years Day for me is always a big rest day. I like to stay in my pajamas and bathrobe, fix a big breakfast and talk about the fun we had the night before at our annual New Year’s Eve party.
Every year since we built our home here in Woodland, we host a New Years Eve party, for the neighborhood, but with a slight twist. We celebrate using Eastern Standard Time. So when the Time Square Ball drops at midnight in New York (we watch it on CNN) it’s nine o’clock here on the west coast and everybody at our party cheers, kisses and goes home! By 9:30 PM we’re in bed!
Back to the first day in January, I like to spend it evaluating. One of my dear friends who came to the party told me that she has a pretty notebook she only writes in once a year on January 1. She gets the book out and reads what she wrote the year before and then she writes the thoughts that come to her throughout the day that apply to the new year. She said it’s so fun to look back and see what her goals and thoughts were for the last year and see what she learned and accomplished and it helps her reevaluate her goals and dreams for the current year.
Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote, “Begin today. Declare out loud to the universe that you are willing to let go of struggle and eager to learn through joy. That’s one of my goals for 2012; to begin each day proclaiming my eagerness to learn through joy.
While I was resolving to be joyful, my new IPhone 4S (I guess that’s really a big deal) Terry gave me for Christmas was quietly charging getting ready to hurdle me into the 21st century’s cutting edge communications system.
Unfortunately, my joyful New Year’s Resolution went right through the window which was almost followed by that piece of uhhhhh equipment I’ve vowed to master this month. The part that really ticks me off is everyone (under 12) says these things are so easy to use. This week I’m going to the AT&T store and give myself another chance to learn with joy. (I’ll text you if that happens.)

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