Young@Heart - Happy Tears

I’ve been crying a lot this week, but it’s definitely happy tears! Wow! I feel like Sally Fields when she received her Oscar and said, “You like me!” Last week I actually asked you to like me on Facebook; a concept that goes completely against the way I was raised. How pathetic it felt to ask you to be my friend!

Well, I was overwhelmed by the response! I received such wonderful comments from so many of you! Many of you told me you thought of me as a friend already because of my books. Many of you used the word “honored” in being my friend. It reminded me of when I was little and we got a whole bunch of Valentines from our classmates in a bag we’d decorated up at school. I am humbled by your love, but now I’m really worried.

In the course of three or four days over a thousand of you opted to “friend” me! What worries me is NOW what do I do with you? I feel like you’re all down in my basement, waiting for me to, well, play with you and be friends. Do I need to meet you for lunch once in a while? Talk on the phone? Remember your birthday and the names of your children? Should I be serving you treats?

I just ordered Facebook and Twitter for Dummies (the senior citizen version) and I’ll be spending the next few weeks learning more about and hopefully gaining better insight into what I do with you now. Your beautiful faces, your kind words, your allowing me to connect mean so much to me and I just need to figure out how I make it worth your time to have joined with me.

Someone who joined me told me I will love playing on FB, but it can really be a timesuck. Boy that says it all! Once I started clicking on photos I turned into a curiosity machine with questions like, “I wonder if my ex-husband and my husband’s ex-wife have any mutual friends?” and “Hmmm? I wonder how come so-in-so’s son isn’t listed as one of her friends? Do you suppose they aren’t friends?” Let’s just say I got snoopy! I’ve never stayed on the computer in non-writing mode for as many hours as I have been in the last few days enjoying what you all have had to say!

Thank goodness I have to travel on business this next week and I won’t be able to play on FB. But when I come back I promise I’ll get you all out of my basement and we will play! I’m so excited about my new website for Inner Kiddies that will be coming out in March and that’s how I got into this FB thing. Nelly (my inner child) can hardly wait! Oh by the way, since I got up enough nerve to ask you to like me would you please ask all your friends to like me too? You may as well have somebody to play with in my basement until I get down there to join you!

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