Young@Heart - Do you struggle with being disorganized?

Many of you struggle with disorganization as I do. Remember I am in nervous remission. But in that nervousness, I don't let my messy tendencies get out of hand. In other words my home is never more than 15 minutes to company ready (and that is for the whole house).

When every room is HOURS away from "company" and I HAVE BEEN THERE, we can easily become overwhelmed and in that state of mind we freeze, bust out of the place or retreat under the covers. All those actions make things worse.

I have thought a lot about that feeling of being overwhelmed and I know it’s a state of mind based on true facts and circumstances. But the good news is states of mind can be changed even when the true facts and circumstances haven't. In fact if you are overwhelmed by a messy house, obesity, indebtedness, an inharmonious marriage, whatever your inner child has gotten you into, you have the power to change your mind right now and decide to not be overwhelmed. In fact that is the best place to start!

In the olden days in small villages, there used to be a town crier and each night he’d cry out: "It's ten PM and all is well." How comforting to hear those words! We can use those words on ourselves. Look at the time right now and say to yourself: "It's (say the time) and all is well."

The reason behind wanting to be organized is that we want peace. We know that in that peace we can be more loving and more joyful, but guess what! Peace, love and joy are states of mind and they can be had regardless of our circumstances. Seek those states of mind and you will be amazed at how much easier getting organized will be.

One of the quickest ways to get into a happy state of mind is to be grateful. If you think about it; when you celebrate you are being grateful. What if you started celebrating little things, not just Christmas or your birthday but things like the fact that you can pee? How about the next time you sit down to do that you celebrate the fact that you have a bladder that holds the pee in until you can get to some place to empty it? (If we didn’t have one of those containers we’d really be in a mess!) And while you’re sitting there you can celebrate the fact that you have a toilet, a bathroom, toilet paper (well if you didn’t leave yourself with just the cardboard center) and a mental command that you turn on and off just by telling yourself ‘It’s okay, you can pee now, were in a place that’s fine to let go.’

Every day can be a day of constant celebration; just by staying aware of the marvelous gift we have been given. LIFE!

All is well.

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