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Be Happy Now: Your Problems are a Window to Your Success!


It’s time to love yourself NOW, not when your circumstances are different!

When you deepen your relationship with YOU and take the time to look at yourself with new eyes and truly honor the holiness within you, your circumstances will change with ease and grace. Your problems are a window to your success, whether you’re in a mess at home, in a relationship that’s frustrating, feeling a financial crunch, in a body that weighs too much, whatever, the very thing you call a problem is an opportunity to get to learn more about yourself and love who you are.

“Self-improvement is a lifetime path, but it’s a pursuit that doesn’t lead to a place where everything is perfect. When you reach what you thought was your final destination, you’ll find that you have farther to go.” I wrote that in The Sidetracked Sister’s Happiness File more than 30 years ago. We’ll always be wanting to be better, because it’s human nature. Think about how fun it is to want something you know you’ll receive. When you do that, you’re looking forward to that thing or that circumstance. I think that’s why it’s so fun to fall in love! You want that person and you know you’re going to get him or her because that person wants you too. Once you get the person, the wanting is over. The getting is never as fun as the wanting part.

Since you are the only YOU on this planet, what you want is unique to you, but what isn’t unique is the reason any of us wants anything. The only reason we want something is that we think it will make us feel better. What’s so interesting about this real reason is that we can feel better without having what we thought would make us feel better.

Esther Hicks, one of my favorite speakers and writers told of her neighbor’s cat. They named him “Party Cat,” because whenever they had a party the cat would always come over to their house. One time when Party Cat was at one of her shindigs and was getting petted and talked to as he basked in a chair, he rolled over on his back and stretched out to get his tummy rubbed and someone asked the cat, “What do you do to deserve this?” Everyone laughed, because they knew that the cat deserved the love and attention just for being a cat.

We are just like Party Cat. We don’t have to do anything to feel better. What we can do is start practicing basking in that love we deserve for being human and being happy right now regardless of our situation. If you’ll start catching yourself complaining or whining about some problem and remind yourself that if Party Cat is loved just for being a cat, you are loved for just being you. Once you can feel that love, and it may take a few deep breaths and silence, remind yourself that the problem you were complaining about is just there to teach you more about yourself and help you grow and thrive.

Be thankful for your problems and see each one as window to your success.

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