Young@Heart: Happy Mother's Day! (3:15)

Do you ever stop to think about how honored you are to have given birth? When my first child was born it absolutely changed my life in more ways than one. I did not want to have this baby the whole time I carried it. I was in a very unhappy marriage and with that pregnancy I felt trapped. If abortion would have been legal then, I would not have done that, but I did think seriously that when it was born we could adopt it out!

In my whole life, I've never been more wrong about something. When I delivered Michael there would have been no way anyone could have taken him from me short of killing me. I also felt like I'd won the greatest award God could bestow on me or man could bestow on another. I was a big deal! I gave birth to another human being. The miracle of birth has never left me. It's such a mystery how a child can have the same mannerisms as a mother or father not to exclude noses, toes, eyes and hair. Wow what a trip we're on!

I wrote a poem in Sidetracked Home Executives: from pigpen to paradise about motherhood and I wanted it to look like it was a classified ad.


We are hiring mothers and we need them right away.
You must be filled with love and vow that you will stay and stay and stay.
You must appreciate a flower when it's given without a stem,
Marvel at an ugly rock as if it were a gem.
You must possess a wealth of love, be wise, controlled, alert.
Have management ability and make a great dessert.
Expertise in finance and a flair for decorating.
Knowledge of psychiatry and Band-Aid applicating.
Willing to accommodate pet relationships.
Detective skills in cases like the missing chocolate chips.
Qualified and competent in diplomatic circles,
Adolescent counseling, in short performing miracles.
Adept at kissing bruises and using rocking chair chairs.
Capable of handling community affairs.
A magician in the kitchen with a pound of hamburger.
An ability to touch a cheek and know its temperature.
If you think that you can qualify and you've had experience
And you understand completely that you make the difference
Between a world that's filled with fear and a world that's full of joy,
Call us now, we want you to be in our employ.

(Oh, one more thing, we can't pay you anything and you won't rack up any Social Security.)

Mothers, listen up! You are the most powerful people on earth. It's a tender power we possess. William Ross Wallace coined the phrase: The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world in his poem about motherhood. If you'd like to read his poem, here's a link to it.

So happy mother's day to you all! Enjoy the warmth of love that abounds for you from your family, but also from God the indwelling essence of your life.

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