Control Your Weight with Your Cell Phone

Help Control Your Weight With Your Cell Phone

Yesterday, I went to Cramco (Costco). We call it Cramco because we usually cram our trunk full, put stuff in the back seats, in the passenger’s foot space and on the passenger’s lap. After more than seven years of stopping Nelly (my indulgent inner child) from having the big, 12” all beef polish sausage on a bun they sell for just $1.50 with a 20 ounce soft drink, I caved. For seven years I’d drooled looking at the poster of that meal, with mustard, catsup, onions and relish running the length of the dog and I always managed to distract Nelly.

I don’t know what came over me; I wasn’t even hungry yet. I know Nelly was especially attentive the night before when our neighbor told about the wondrous time they had in Leavenworth, Washington this last weekend. Leavenworth is one of the top 10 Oktoberfests in the US. I can’t think the word “Oktoberfest” and not think about sausage! It just doesn’t happen. So perhaps sausage was still on my mind when the poster caught my attention and reeled me in for the buy and subsequent feast.

The food concession at our Cramco in Vancouver, Washington is located on the way out of the store, so I’ve noticed shoppers park their over-loaded, over-sized carts while they order and eat their food before heading home with their treasures. Before I knew it I’d parked and was standing in line. My heart was racing as I looked at the other choices. A chocolate frozen yogurt for $1.35 (another poster I’d drooled over many times).

The hits keep coming!

“May I help you?”

“Yes, I’ll have the polish sausage please.”

“Anything else?”

“Uh, ---“I looked up at the poster of the frozen yogurt, “yes, I’ll have a . . .oops, just a minute please,” I grabbed my phone out of my purse and said, “Hello?” After a pause I said into the phone, “No, Nelly you can’t have both. We’ll talk later.” I pretended to hang up, smiled Mouth_Trap_lo_carbat the man and handed him two dollars and said, “No just the sausage.”

I sat next to a woman who had one too. She was almost through with hers. We smiled at each other as I opened the foil at one end of my 12 inches. I was so excited to sink my teeth into it, but before I took a bite I said, “This is the first time I’ve had one of these here.”

She smiled and said, “They are delicious! I saw my neighbor here and he told me he comes here just to have lunch. It’s so cheap and tasty.”

“Have you ever had the frozen yogurt?” I asked with my mouth full.

“Oh, yeah, it’s yummy! But if you really want a treat try the double dipped ice cream bar! My husband loves those. It really takes two to eat one.”

Damn, Nelly did NOT need to hear that! Now she’ll be looking for that poster and bugging me to try one.

I love Costco! I’m always excited when we run out of toilet paper and is the sign it’s time to go there. I just have to have a parking lot talk with Nelly before we go in each time so we don’t get carried away buying stuff that will last longer than we will (a thought senior citizens have to consider). Now the parking lot talk is going to be longer the next time we go. I’ll have to have a check list: no polish hot dog, no frozen yogurt and no double dipped ice cream bar for two!


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