Young@Heart: It’s Okay, go ahead and do it! (3:34)

Young@HeartIn this Young@Heart article and video I show you how to save 13 hours between now and Christmas!

Is Saving Time This Important?

With the busy holiday season coming up I got to thinking, ‘What are some ways I can save time?’ When I ask myself a question like that, I think my brain goes on “search mode” for answers, until I end up telling it, “Okay, enough!” What I came up with I can’t recommend for everyone, because I’m not sure how much damage I’ve done to the training my mom did.

I was at Safeway, minding my own business in the paper products aisle when I passed the feminine products and thought to myself, ‘Wow I save a lot of time not having to mess with all this anymore!’ Then I came to the Pampers and thought, ‘If I were a young mom today I would be so thankful for this time-saving product.’ (I used cloth diapers with my babies.) Then it happened! I came to the Depends. (Diapers for adults!)

I did some quick math, figuring in the time it takes to wash my hands, and found out I’d save about fifteen minutes a day! With 52 days until Christmas, a package of these would save me thirteen hours!

I bought them and hurried home to try them out. I drink a lot of water as it is, but I thought, ‘I’ll double up on my water intake so I can see how they work, sooner, so I can tell everyone about it.’ Since I’ve been traveling so much lately, I have had a backlog of emails to answer and sitting at my desk with my FlyLady water bottle I was pleased with the prospect of not being interrupted.

Three hours later, it was time!

I couldn’t do it!

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