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Nature doesn’t de-junk and say, “There!” De-junking is an on-going process. Plants grow and make flowers, fruit and vegetables. Today’s salad will be in tomorrow’s sewer. Today’s dirt is yesterday’s plants and animals, and then there’s the tide. It’s all a continual process of acquisition and elimination. We are smart when we use nature as our blueprint. Here’s what I suggest.

Nature’s biggest dumping and streamlining time is autumn and winter when all the leaves fall, and then the stormy blowing_leaves.jpgwinds blow, so let’s use this time of year to focus on de-junking basements, attics and garages. Garages were meant to store the car you know. Note: Nature doesn’t get rid of Her leaves in a day, so don’t think you will clean out the garage in a day especially if the car has been in the driveway all year. Remember Nature takes about two months to de-junk the leaves, so don’t get on a SHE production schedule, because you’ll burn out. Take it easy, and take all the time you need, just keep at it.

Clutter in your home comes from you and your family leaving things out after you are through with them. When Nature is through with something She puts it away. What if every time you have to go to the bathroom (#1) you use that urge as a cue to put something away before you go, and after you’re through and you’ve washed your hands put one more thing away? Depending on how active your bladder is you could put many of your items back where they belong and you’ll also activate your awareness of putting things where they belong. Then, when you have to go #2 use that urge to put some item into a donation bag which will be taken to a charity once a month? The people at the charity will never know what that full bag of discards represents, but you will!

When you put away your holiday decorations this season, be sure you love each and every item before you store each away for next year and when you get out everything you put away to make room for holiday decorations make sure you really love what you put back out.caringarage.jpg

Keep your home reflecting who you are now, not who you were yesterday. Flylady Laura has such wonderful tips and hints on interior decorating (Decorating on the Fly) and she shares her magic in each zone we’re in. Don’t miss a single post from Laura!

What if your New Year’s resolution was to get the second largest purchase you make (your car) in the garage in 2013? Imagine room enough in there for it. Just think what a difference that will make on the appearance of the front of your home. If your car has been living in your drive-wahappiness_file.jpgy, when it’s in the garage, you’ll confuse all your neighbors. They’ll think you’re on vacation. And just think what your car will think! It’ll think it’s important, like the second largest purchase you’ve made.

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