Young@Heart - Will you please be my friend?

I’m having trouble with “social networking.” I’ve actually hired a person to help me use it to spread my word of finding joy in everything we do. Unfortunately for now, that joy eludes me when it comes to Facebook. Right now I know how to get onto my Facebook pages for me and my husband and for my Inner Kiddies. I’ve been “liking” stuff and “commenting,” but I’m not sure what happens to those likes and comments?


I went on my husband’s page to see who he had as friends (he’s never been on his page) and found he had four friends and guess who was at the top of his wanna be friends list? My ex-husband! Now why in the world does my ex-husband want to be friends with my husband? I deleted him with glee. Now that was fun!


Because of my new helper, Nelly (my inner child) and I have been playing a little more on Facebook. When I went to my personal Facebook page I discovered my own husband wasn’t a “friend.” So I asked him to be my friend. Now I don’t mind asking him to be my friend, but it’s very hard for me to ask people I don’t know to be friends with me. And when I get a request from someone who wants to be friends and I don’t know him or her, it bothers me. When I see that they know someone I know, then I’m fine with accepting their friendship, but I still feel shallow about it.


I remember reading one of Shirley MacLain’s books and in it she said that she hosted a party for 3,000 of her closest friends. I thought, ‘how does anyone have time for 3,000 people in a close way?’ (Of course I remember reading her confession that she slept with three men in one day, so maybe she really did have 3,000 close friends.) By the way, I went on her Facebook page and, bless her heart, she has no friends!


I know part of my problem is, I love spending most of my time in the real world, away from my computer, so most of my so-called “friends” on Facebook are a little bit of a mystery to me. And Linkedin? (I just found out it’s pronounced “linked in.” I’ve been reading it as “Lin ke din” a three syllable word as meaningless as say, “mu te ga” or “zo pa dee.) To this day I still can’t get onto my Linkedin page because even though I got a new password, a sign comes up that says, “You have the wrong server.” What? Excuse me? My server works just fine, thank you very much. Link You!


Back to being friends with me: I was taught you shouldn’t ask someone to be your friend. It sounds needy and I know I have to get around this notion to be able to play on Facebook. I’ve been told if I’m going to play on the internet I have to be active on Facebook and since I’m launching a brand new Inner Kiddies website in the next couple of months that will have fresh material every day including a short video all around my motto: Make it fun and it will get done, I know I have to get up to speed with social media.

So against my better upbringing will you please, oh please, oh pleeeeze be my friend on Facebook! Shirley MacLaine eat your heart out.

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