You're Not Alone if You Fear Decluttering




Many people have a hard time decluttering, even when their stuff doesn’t bring them joy.


Have you been holding onto stuff that you really don't care about, and it's cluttering up your life?



Would you love to have a turn-around about how you feel concerning your stash of stuff? Did you know it's easier to get organized when you don't have a lot of stuff?

Read what Emily York did that soothed her fear of letting go and gave her the courage to be free of it. All she did was change her mind and she saw her stuff with a new perspective.

Dear Pam,

As I was watching the S.H.E. De-Junking DVD and I heard you or Peggy say that people tell you all the time they are afraid to let go of their stuff because as soon as they do, they will need it. At that point I said to the television screen, "Amen sisters!" Because that is exactly how I felt. THEN one of you said, "You can let go of your stuff and never have to worry again, because it is at the Goodwill and you can go there and buy it back or just visit it!!"


      I realized I'd been running my own personal

                      version of a Goodwill Store!


Well I was on the floor! I'd never looked at it that way. I loved the visit you took us on in the video to the Goodwill and when I saw you both with a cart filled with stuff that looked just like the stuff I was hording and you'd just gone there to "visit" yours, I realized I'd been running my own personal version of a Goodwill Store only not as organized as they are.

Thank you for letting me see my stuff in a new light and thank you for finally changing my mind about the clutter that has clogged my life for too long totally out of fear. I am going to let Goodwill store my stuff! I am 42 years old and I am not too old to fly! I am taking your advice. I intend to be clutter free when I am 43! Go ME.

Forever thankful,

Emily York


My sister Peggy and I had been in over 100 homes across the country to help the families get a handle on the clutter in their homes when we made that video Emily wrote about and the more we saw, the less we wanted.


Hearing that statement of fear from almost every person in those homes, the answer came to me in the shower! We really don’t have to be afraid to let go of what doesn’t make us happy because we can always get it back or go visit it. Watch this clip from the De-junking video and see if it doesn’t make you laugh at what you’ve been afraid of.

Note: the clip comes from the end of the video and refers to the card file system as well as how to set up a storage center, which is discussed earlier in the video. Another note: the video was produced in the 80s and it brings home an interesting fact, even though the stuff in the video is from the 80s, it looks like the same stuff of today!




The thing that happens is, once we get rid of the clutter, we don’t want any part of it back. Don’t let material stuff come between you and your peace of mind. Learn how to let go and live as if you are on vacation because you deserve it. The SHE De-Junking DVD or download is now available and with a bonus. When you purchase the video you get the 3x5 card file system with it. The file is in Word, so you can customize the cards to work for your family.  

Here are some ideas for for helping you declutter. 


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P.S.Please feel free to share this with your family and friends. Thank you!


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