Christmas Cheer from the Cheddar Clan



Merry Christmas Mousketeers! What a great year 2016 was for Colby and me.



As most of you know, our family lives with a two-human household (Terry and Pam) and they don’t have kids at home anymore. That’s a concept Colby and I just don’t get. (I average six pregnancies a year and we’ve never had less than septuplets!) I’m happy to say that I’ve never had to suffer from “empty nest syndrome!”


Since we live in the state of Washington, everyone seems to be nutso, Seahawk fans with Seahawk flags waving on flagpoles and out car windows, and everywhere you look there's a human running around wearing a shirt with the number 3 for Russell Wilson or 12 for the fans that scream their heads off.

Of course Colby and I are Packer nuts and have cheese hats I made from packing material we found in the attic. Whenever we hear a game on, we race to our viewing holes to watch television with the humans, hoping it’s the Packers. When we retire, our dream is to go to Wisconsin and get real cheese hats made of cheese like the humans wear to the games!

This summer, Colby’s cousin Mickey and his wife Minnie came here and they took us for a ride in their drone! Terry and Pam just happened to be out on their deck and we flew real close to them! They waved at us, and I nearly died, but Mickey assured me they would have no clue that the drone had mice in it. He’s so worldly, which has given him such confidence in life.


Our daughter Brie and her husband Camembert are quite the adventurers. They built a home in Terry and Pam’s Subaru! Pam had put a purse-sized pack of Kleenex in the glove compartment of the car and forgot about it. Brie found a way to get into the car (through the motor I think) when she was in the garage to get birdseed out of the mouse-proof (hah) bin!

Camembert is very clever too and discovered there was a direct route to the glove compartment from under the hood. It didn’t take those kids very long to discover they could use the Kleenex for their little nest and load it up with birdseed.

Trouble was, Pam and Terry were coming home from getting their Christmas tree when Pam sneezed and opened the glove compartment to get a Kleenex! Of course she discovered it was full of chewed and fluffed up Kleenex and black oil sunflower seeds and she freaked like the time she found that we built our nest on the high note strings in her piano. Brie said Pam slammed the glove compartment door and yelled at Terry who was driving, “There's a mouse in the glove compartment!”tree on car.jpg


Camembert and the kids just happened to be with me, here at the house, so Brie was alone as the couple went tearing out on a wild ride, to Ace Hardware for mouse traps, with the tree still on the top of the Subaru.

Everyone got home safely. And just a note, the traps they bought were the same ol', same ol' traps, so we got out the instruction book for avoiding that trap and taught these new little ones to stay clear of them. There’s never a dull moment here in the Cheddar household that’s for sure.

It’s no news to any of you that this has been a contentious election year. Terry and Pam are on opposite sides of the political fence, but from what we’ve been able to witness, it’s been a good thing for both of them. One has learned not to gloat while the other learned to be a good loser and handle disappointment with maturity and dignity. Skills one should learn in kindergarten.DSC03523.jpg


It’s our wish that you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let’s let 2017 be the best ever!




and the family Cheddar

 In case you didn't read last year's Christmas letter, just click on the winter scene.





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