Does the Easter Bunny Trick-or-treat?



None of us really knows much about the Easter Bunny, but do you ever wonder what he’s/she’s up to in October? Does that bunny trick-or-treat and get all his/her Easter candy then? Does he/she have helpers who re-package the Halloween candy for the Easter Season? Is he/she (oh heck, I'm saying she's a girl) in some kind of candy-of-the-month club?DSC_6562-1.jpg


So, what do we know for sure about that candy distributing rodent? Well, we know she’s artistic and likes to hide things…especially eggs. She’s also especially in thick with the candy companies and probably spends much time in negotiations with the honchoes at chocolate manufactures in preparation for the big Easter Morning Basket event.


Easter’s a long way off, but right now is the perfect time to think about non-sugary treats for when it’s spring and time for the Easter Bunny. You’ll understand if you’ll keep reading.


It’s so important to slash sugar from our children’s diets (and ours), so I asked the House Fairy to write to the Big Bunny and give her some ideas for a more sugar-free Easter. October is a great time to do that. Here’s what she wrote:


Dear Easter Bunny,

I’ve never written to you before, so I wanted to start by thanking you for all the wonderful Easter Baskets you gave me when I was young. Now, I’m sure you’ve read a lot about how unhealthy processed sugar is for our children and I’d just like to give you some alternative ideas that are sugar-free for next Easter.

You could fill eggs with mustaches, eye brows, tattoos, lips, and all the disguise stuff that’s on the market now. Go through the Halloween stuff at the store and let your imagination give you great, egg-stuffing ideas. Just think, with every non-sugar gift you stash in a hollow egg, you’ll be eliminating one sugar treat that’s not good for children.

Again, thank you for the fun you bring to spring!


The House Fairy


While thinking about Easter in October, and if you’re into getting into costume for Halloween, you could dress up like the Easter Bunny and pass out plastic eggs with great quotes in them instead of candy treats. Just imagine a child coming home from trick-or-treating, dumping his stash on the living room rug and finding an Easter egg. He opens it and reads “You are an amazing person and you are going to have a wonderful life.”


Get your creative mind focused on ways to get kids to eat less sugar, and you’ll come up with alternatives that are fun, it just takes a little planning.


Terry and I have been sugar-free for six years and eliminating it from our diet was a process.“The Mouth Trap: the butt stops here!”gives you ways to not feel sorry for yourself because you can’t have sweets. I’m the first one to admit, it’s sad to cut out sweets from your life and you’ll catch yourself saying words every kid says, “It’s not fair!” But in the end, when you’ve done it, you’ll feel so much better, you’ll look better, you’ll sleep better and you’ll be proud that you did it.

Mouth_Trap_lo_carb.jpgHere’s a great thought: If you cut refined sugar and processed foods out of your diet, you'd lose weight! By Easter you could be 64 pounds lighter! To learn more about my book, just tap on the cover.  

Instead of eating Halloween candy, here's an alternative once your kids bring it home. Just tap on the trick-or-treating bee. 













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