Best Intentions Shot Again?


Off Your Diet?as_seen_on.jpg

Splurge at the Mall?

House a Wreck?


The best laid plans of, well you know the rest of the saying, are generally messed up by an important part of you that just doesn't want to follow the plan.little_nelly001.jpg


I call that part of us the inner child. There is help and it's so easy to succeed with your best intentions, once you understand what's behind your failure to stick to your best intentions. 


In part three of this five-part video series, I share how I work with that part of me whom I call Nelly. Enjoy the video and see if what I share will work for you.




If you didn't see the two earlier Inner Child videos, here are links to them.

Click on Nelly to see Part 1         nelly_BW.gif



                                 Part 2        nelly_BW.gif






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