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What if when you said, "I do," you really knew how much had to be done? Maybe you should have said, "I do, sometimes." Did you know that if you are disorganized you’ve done way more work than an organized person who said “I do?” Ask any BO (Born Organized) person why they’re organized and one of their main reasons is that they’re lazy! One BO told me, “I’m basically lazy and I’m not willing to leave the kitchen a mess after a meal because it takes twice as long to wash off food that’s dried on plates, silverware, pots and pans and counters. I know exact times because I have a stop watch and I’ve timed both clean-ups! Twice as long when you put it off.” 

Just think, if you’d been a BO from the time you said, “I do,” until now, you’d have had twice as much time to play! But who wants to be a BO? Not me!


What if you were organized right now? What if your garage looked like an advertisement for storage cabinets for a garage? What if you were ready for back to school right now? What if you were debt free? What if you weighed what you weighed in high school? 


"Where's a magic wand when you need one?"

Well you can’t wave a magic wand and have those scenarios be true, but you can change your beautiful mind right now and be grateful for the way your life is in all of its imperfection. 

Would you like to be somebody else? Can you imagine being anyone besides you?

This YOU that you are is the only one there is. There are no duplicates. Even identical twins have separate and unique lives to experience.


Your life is a gift and your body is too. In the Course in Miracles, it says, “If you knew who was with you every moment on the path you’ve chosen, you would never be afraid.” 

  Do you live in Thenland?

Most people dwell in the land of then: back then or until then. When you’re in Thenland, you’ve left NOW and right now you have exactly what you need unless someone has a strangle hold on you or you’re getting water boarded.

Leave this perfect, now moment for a second and go back to Thenland (which is just a gigantic bunch of nows all strung together back then). Think how many now moments you missed perhaps in thinking about what would be happening right now.

On a flight to Atlanta, I sat next to a man who shared with me that he and his family were in New York on September 10, 2001 as sight seers. (He is from India.) He got tears in his eyes as he shared the feelings they had the next day as the trade towers came down and they were on their way home after spending the previous evening in the restaurant at the top of one of the towers. 

None of us can go back to September 11, without deep sadness and there is still grief among those who lost loved ones and our hearts go out to them, but healing is happening and great good has come out of that horrible tragedy.

When any negative, back-then moment comes to mind, scan your mind for joyful thoughts as quickly as you can. You have the power to neutralize all past negative thens by practicing being happy and peaceful right now. Constantly be on the lookout that you are mindful in this now moment and that everything is alright.

Right now, maybe your house is a wreck, your cars are in the drive-way because you have too much stuff in the garage, you don’t have a clue how you’ll pull off getting school clothes for the kids because your credit cards are maxed, but if you knew who is with you on this path you’ve chosen, you wouldn’t be afraid. You have within you everything it would take to get out of debt, get the cars in the garage, lose weight, get organized and enjoy the glory of this summer. Just be still and go within and remember that right now, all is well and you’re not alone.





The Sidetracked Home Executive 3x5 get organized system is such a great tool for the chronically disorganized! And since disorganization effects every area of one's life; health, relationships, finances and even spiritual life, by putting this system in place you can get organized just enough to please you. The system is in my book The Joy of Being Disorganized, just click on my home to learn more or to purchase it.

FYI, while you’ve been reading this blog you’ve breathed in and out about 30 times and your heart has been beating the whole time. Who did that?

If you only knew……




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