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That was the headline in the Friday, January 8, 2016 issue of USA Today.as_seen_on.jpg


This is great news and it's about time the word got out to the masses. It'll send warning ripples to the food manufacturers, drug companies and of course the doctors who have been prescribing statins all these years.

YES, the very first paragraph in the article says, “Concerned about the cholesterol and fat in your diet? That’s so 2015.” (It should have said, “1960” because the science has been known and ignored since then).

The article went on to say, “If you want to stay on the cutting edge of nutrition advice, what you should really worry about are added sugars, according to a new report from the federal government that urges us to cut back—way back—on sugar.” 


If you wonder what that means to you, the dietary guideline coke.jpgrecommends you have no more than 12 teaspoons of sugar a day and there are 10 teaspoons of it in a Coke or most soft drinks.


Dr._Childers.jpgWhat I learned from Dr. Childers, my low-carb physician, was that by going on a low-carb diet (synonymous with sugar-free) fat is good for us. It’s not the evil we’ve been told it is. Once you know that, it’s so easy to cut out sugar! You quit buying low-fat this and low-fat that and you get fat back in your diet and your cravings for sugar literally disappear!


See, in order to cut out fat in food, food manufacturers had to add sugar, because foods with the fat sucked out of them, suck. So we ended up with shelves full of low-fat, processed food loaded with SUGAR. And we all got fat and sick. (The article goes into depressing detail on the medial costs because of what we’ve been previously told to eat and not eat.)


If you’re scared to put fat back in your diet, like eating chicken with the skin on it, and butter on vegetables, here’s another quote from the article that will ease your mind. “Another big change this year: "Americans no longer need to count the amount of cholesterol in their food, according to the guidelines." Research shows that a person’s diet has a relatively small effect on cholesterol levels in the blood, which are more influenced by a person’s genes.” And this: “Half of U.S. adults, about 117 million people, have a preventable, diet-related chronic disease.”


If you’ve read Gary Taube’s book, Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It, then you already know all of this. Gary is a science writer for the NY Times and his book literally changed my husband’s and my lives six years ago and we’ve never looked back. AND I wrote a book about it! The Mouth Trap: Mouth_Trap_lo_carb.jpgthe butt stops here! 


I took my sense of humor and applied it to the task of cutting added sugar and foods high in sugar, like potatoes, pastas, grains, bread, rice and corn, out of our diet. It was an amazing experience to watch and write about myself through the process and I share it all in the book. The health benefits to both my husband and me have been extraordinary! Talk about chronic disease, I had severe eczema for more than 60 years and it’s gone! When you get old your gums can recede which mine had done, however after two years without sugar, they grew back! My dentist couldn’t believe it.  


Don’t take my word for it, read Gary’s and my book, and make a decision to get healthy. It’s easier than you might think. After about six months on our new way of eating, Dr. Childers asked me, “So what’s the biggest change you’ve noticed besides losing weight?” I didn’t have to think very long. I answered, “I’m happier!” She then told me that our brains need fat and when we eat fat we stop being hungry half an hour after we eat a high carbohydrate meal (think Chinese food).


Isn’t it worth giving this a try? What can you lose? Weight. What can you gain? Health.

I have many low-carb cooking videos on my website. Here's one you might like: 










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