Zone One and the Cleaner Guy


The Cleaner Guy (Jeffrey Jones) has shown you how to make your own,  toxic-free cleaning products in his series of cleaning videos and now he's going to show you how to clean Zone One. We're following the Flylady Flight Plan (which is the Zone Plan my sister, Peggy, and I developed and gave permission to Flylady to use on her website. So if you get the flight plan every day from her, you know we are now in Week One/ Zone One which is the dining room and entryway.)

jeff cleaner.jpg







Watch The Cleaner Guy cleaning my dining room.




 If you're not sure how the Zone Plan works, the best description is in The Joy of Being Disorganized where it's described simply and in great detail.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. To watch the Cleaner Guy make toxic-free furniture polish just tap on his T-shirt.jeff cleaner.jpg








P.S.S. To purchase The Joy of Being Disorganized click on me.

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