Your Inner Child is Very Tricky


Have you ever caught yourself in the middle of doing something you didn’t want to do?



It happens so easily, especially at the grocery store. Oh, the temptations! Especially in the bakery department! You're on a low-carb diet and a mission to lose weight, and all of a sudden you wake up and realize you put a cake in your cart! Most people don't wake up and they head right on through to check-out.

But if you're serious about losing weight, this behavior has got to stop. If you don't buy it, you can't eat it.


If this or something similar has happened to you, then be sure to watch this video and I’ll explain what really happened and what you can do about it.


Before you watch the video, here’s an email from a woman who figured out how to handle those grocery store temptations. 


I've always known that Torie (my inner child) was there, but I never thought about how old she was! Thanks to you, I now know she is 12... and LOVES to make 'deals'.

Checking out at the grocery –

Torie: “Oooh! Snickers!”

Me: “No, you know that makes us feel horrible.”

Torie: “Just a small one?”

Me: *sigh* “Okay, just a small one.”

Now that I know what age group I'm dealing with, I have a secret weapon!

Torie: “Oooh! Snickers!”

Me: “Hmm, how about we go see Amber after we check out, you know she has the fancy brands of chocolate in her kitchen drawer. You can eat as much as you want!”

Torie:” Oooh! Chocolate at Ambers! Hurry!”

Of course, once we get there we get sidetracked. The boys all want hugs, something interesting is on TV, there's a neat craft project under way. Torie gets involved in the fun and only once in a great while does she remember the chocolate. If we get all the way home before she remembers, she gets to munch on a handful of chocolate chips and almonds. She gets a sweet bite and eats less!


As you get to know your inner child you’ll discover ways (as this woman did) to work with her in the same way you work with real children. Good old distraction works every time! And now here’s lesson four.



If you learned something from this video, here's another from the five-part series.






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