Dealing with Your Inner Child in Public

Pam_and_Nelly.jpgDon't miss this final video on getting to know your inner child. In it you'll learn how to talk to her when she's about to put cookies in the cart at the grocery store and how to remind her who's in charge before you even go in the store.

If you're just starting to wrap your mind around this concept of having an inner child, this video will really help!

Here's the final video in the five-part series I've created for you. The videos don't have to be watched in order, so if you missed any of the previous ones you can watch them later. 



Hope you got some good information here. I consider these to be good behavior videos. If you haven't seen the other four videos in this series, or want to re-watch them, here are the links: 

Inner Child #1

Inner Child #2

Inner Child #3

Inner Child #4




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